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From the President

It's here, 2014, as if we could stop it from coming. It should be a time for renewal and for moving forward. 

My question is, are we moving forward?


Before we do this just look back for a year. What happed this year for the United Methodist Men of Virginia? Can you tell me?   We have had four board meetings in Richmond, with a little more than half the Districts represented.  I know that things happen and the meeting dates fall on birthdays, anniversaries, travel, vacations, illness and so on. But moving forward let's try to make sure every District and Advocacy is represented at every meeting.  I appreciate all who are able to come to the meetings.  I also appreciate our Chaplain Steve Sales for giving us a super devotion and serving us communion every meeting and Dann Ladd leading the Richmond District UMMen in feeding us.


 I do have a couple of questions for us for this coming year.  What is your district doing to help local men's groups?  How many of District Presidents have visited your local men's groups.

How many additional men's groups have decided to charter this year?


As a District President are you an EMS member?


I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, and hope this will be a good year for you!



Jeff Hall 


VA Conference UMMen















MARCH 8 2014 


Want to  get more men excited about  serving


      and their fellow men?  


 Here is your Chance!    


 Bring them with you to our annual spring training!!!   


                                On March 8th at 3 REGIONAL locations!!!          

          Repeating Fabulous Topics and great facilitators from last year.                                          

Spread the Word NOW and bring your fellowship UMMen leaders to 


The Roundtables


Check out  the topics below!

  • WHY are  you here?  It's no accident!
  • What is the importance of Men?  
      • Getting men more involved  in their church
  • What happens when we get back home?  
      • Tools, tips and tricks to help your men
  • A strong UMMen fellowship is organized and connected.  
      • Why/ how are we connected? 
      • And  what difference does it make anyway!?

Last year you told us we did a "good job"... but :

  • Make this easier to do!  
  • Open the discussion more so men can share more!  Lecture not needed 
  •  Help men get what they have learned, back home to THEIR men!

In three different districts  to make your travel  easier.   

9:00 AM to 3:30 +/-.  

Contact  Jim Butts, VA  Conf UMMen VP- Membership & Development

  charlesdog1@cox.net or  757 421 0161



Registration will be online with the February Issue of the Beacon

Cost remains at $5.00 payable at the door

Free Will Love Offering will be collected for lunch


Photos in this article courtesy of  The Advocate



Meet our Chaplain


Steve Sales, our Conference UMMen Chaplain is a member of Bethlehem U.M.C. in Bena, VA.  He has served on many committees at his local church. Currently he Chairs the Worship Committee.  Steve has experience serving at the District level as past President and Prayer Advocate of the former Rappahannock District.  Like Jeff Steve always has his toolbox at the ready to lead prayer and devotion.


Steve is active with the United Methodist Men of the Virginia Conference. He has served as the Conference Prayer Advocate and is currently the Conference Chaplain. Steve and his wife Susan have been married for 32 years and they have 3 children.


Steve is pictured in the Roundtables article above giving one of his famous devotions to a rapt audience, including the Bishop!









For more information on Our Ministries drop us an email at 


All God's Children, email allgodschildren@vacumm.org


Commission on Disabilities, email  disabilities@vacumm.org


Heart Havens, email hearthavens@vacumm.org


Hunger Relief, email hungerrelief@vacumm.org


Prayer Advocacy, email prayer@vacumm.org 


Prison Ministries, email prisonministry@vacumm.org


Scouting, email scouting@vacumm.org


Wesleyan Building Brothers email wbb@vacumm.org





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